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Innovative Rich Media Display and Digital Signage from THINK Media Display Featured

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Have you ever thought that you could have a rich media display in your office for as little as $44.99 per month?


$ 44.99 gets you unlimited content changes to your media display each month.  Check our FAQ's for more details.

Rich Digital Media on an HDTV in your office to inform or advertise:

  • Multiple windows per screen
  • Advanced Scheduling Features, work on your next campaign now and enable it based on a schedule
  • Excellent support and graphics design capabilities provided by THINK Media Display
  • A complete dedication to service and support
  • Extended maintenance plans for next business day replacement of your HDTV (when purchased from us) and your dedicated controller for up to two years

Rich digital media from THINK Media Display offers a  huge advantage over static displays with rich dynamic content including:

  • Common RSS feeds, your own RSS feed displayed horizontally or vertically at a speed of your choosing
  • Stock tickers (common stock or display only those stocks of your choosing) displayed horizontally or vertically at a speed of your choosing
  • HTML 5, Flash, HD Videos and PNG, JPEG images
  • Live weather feeds from national weather services
  • Add Live TV to engage your audience if they have to wait a moment or two

Use rich digital media from THINK Media Display to:

  • Advertise all aspects of your business, great for insurance brokers, Alberta Registry Agents, Retail Stores
  • Engage husbands in clothing stores while waiting for their spouses
  • Use as a digital menu board for restaurants, fast food operations

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a free consultation and quote. Please contact us and we will make sure that you are looked after with our committment to support and service.



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